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Travel the world on the turgid waters and through the breezy air to experience the magic of nature.

Myanmar River Cruises

Get the most out of a
river cruise

Silent Disco

Play your favorite tunes on the headphones, and stomp your feet with every beat of the disco ball.

Floating Boutique

Shop your way out of the cruise to wear classy attire for the next day's adventures and meetings.

Wine Nights

Taste the sweet and sour elements of your favorite wine as you visit the special brewery for a night of intoxication.

Leisurely Brunch

Wake up at the most comfortable time of the day to have a flavorful brunch before taking a dip in the blues.

Rooftop Deck

Enjoy your evenings on the top of the vessel by lounging on the comfiest cushions at the floating pavilion.

Adventures & Excursions

Choose the adventures you want to dive into. Prepare yourself for the adrenaline rush in these sports.

Myanmar River Cruises

Enjoy a leisurely brunch every day

Savor a great combination of two meals regularly for the whole week on this magical cruise. The buffet awaits you.

Myanmar River Cruises

Take a trip through the waters of Myanmar and its neighboring rivulets to capture cerebral images of the magnificent seascapes.

Myanmar River Cruises

Cruise smart, cruise cheap!

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