Top 4 Myanmar River Cruise

If you want to enjoy slow travel while enjoying the luxury of great accommodation, there is nothing better than a cruise that can provide an exotic experience. Myanmar is known as the Land of a Thousand Temples. It is a unique experience that should definitely be one of your travel destinations. Myanmar river cruise is one of the popular attractions of Myanmar, where you can take a ride through the river waters visiting different sides of the country. The duration of the river cruise can be from four to seven days. The best time to go on a river cruise in Myanmar is around fall and winter. Here are the top river cruise options you can pick from when you are in Myanmar.

River Cruise

Chindwin River Cruise

Chindwin River takes you on a journey through the less touristed spots in Myanmar. It is the largest tributary of the Irrawaddy River. You can find the cruise at Monywa, which is an ancient city only three hours away from Mandalay. Most cruise boats here have luxury cabins that will give you enough comfort to enjoy your journey through the mountains and dense jungle. You will see some villages on the way that you cannot visit through any roads. After a seven-day cruise, you will disembark in Homalin. The entire trip is 370 miles long.

Irrawaddy River Cruise

Another cruise route starts from Mandalay towards Bagan. The Irrawaddy River is the water highway that runs through Myanmar to the Andaman Sea. It is the longest river in the country and also serves as a transporting route for commercial purposes. You can find a luxury cruise ship waiting anytime you reach the banks of the river in Mandalay. You can also take a faster motorboat to reach Bagan in just 16 hours, but the cruise takes four complete days.

Mergui Archipelago Cruise

When you are traveling through the Mergui Archipelago, you can take a cruise and go from one island to another. These deserted islands make a perfect picnic spot for tourists. There are 800 islands in total in the Mergui Archipelago region. These islands are also known as the last paradises of the earth. The islands opened up for tourism only in 1997. You can find a cruise of seven to ten days longer to travel around the archipelago. You can also book a charter yacht to stay as long as you want.

Salween River Cruise

Salween River is the longest in Myanmar and is among the longest free-flowing rivers in the world.  The Salween originates from the mountains of Tibet and passes through China, Myanmar, Thailand, and then back to Myanmar, covering 1700 miles. It has been an ancient passage to transport goods. You can board on a cruise from the Gulf of Martaban and enjoy seven to eight days of a luxurious cruise for over 100 miles.

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